Has your timeline recently been flooded with photos of seniors?

Maybe you have become one of these old people, transformed by FaceApp. This app has existed since 2017, but only recently became a trend. It uses a “neural network” artificial intelligence to alter faces.

After the boom, some concerns about the use of the images collected to feed facial recognition banks emerged. It looks like the terms of service had some gaps. The company can use the pics for any purpose, even stamp your photo on a skyscraper or sell your data to other companies and you couldn’t do much about it. But Wireless Lab, responsibly for the app, said that the pics are deleted within 48 hours of upload. Actually, FaceApp doesn’t do any different than others, but the worry brings a legitimate discussion about digital privacy.

When having fun, we usually lower our guard and don’t question what the companies do with the data collected from these apps. Over 150 million faces were stored, they can use this against us? Are we giving to them our identity? These apps can be free, but our data is equal money on the company’s hands. How this data is protected and how we, the original owners of data, are affected?

Texto originalmente publicado em @wearetalle